Telling a story is how you can make a real connection with your audience and invite more opportunity for your work.


Having a well-designed, manageable content and social media strategy will ensure that you're using the right tools to be profitable.

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Social impact is how you define it. It's how you can change the world. But it starts with making sure your audience sees you.

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This Isn’t Analysis Paralysis

How often and how deeply do you really look at your numbers? This is the question I asked myself as I listened to a panel discussion on data and storytelling at last week’s Social Media Week conference here in NYC. I know that I’m aware of the ebb and flow of my social media followers, blog […]

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Anna Karenina’s Social Media Strategy

Two weeks ago, I shared a survey* with you, asking what you’re struggling with when it comes to communicating and sharing your work with the world. Almost without exception, many of you wrote about social media. You told me that you know you “should” use social media, but: You don’t have enough time for it with everything else on […]

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Not Business School, but B-School

(Note: I’m in no way personally or financially affiliated to Marie Forleo. This post is 100% my own and I wrote it to share my thoughts with you, precious reader.) It’s that time of year when myriad articles, blog posts and other promotional materials are circulating the ‘net, beckoning you to register for Marie Forleo‘s annual B-School program. […]

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Nurturing the Dream

Starting something new is scary. It can be a brand new, untested something that gets your adrenaline pumping and motivation levels high. Or a something that you see out there in the world and want because it’ll help you get where you want to go. Taking that first step towards your dream is hard. It […]

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I’m An Underwater Basket Weaver

Today, it’s not unusual to meet people with multiple, hyphenated or hybrid professional titles. Hell, you may very well be one of those people. (I know I am.) This is one of the gifts the 21st century has given us: the birth of myriad new opportunities that make way for new job titles and descriptions, all of which we […]

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A Crucial Lesson from Reality TV

For the past week, as I’ve been recovering from flu-cough-cold Hell, I spent my lunchtime curled up on my couch with a steaming bowl of soup and What Not To Wear on television. For the uninitiated, What Not To Wear is a makeover show where two hosts/stylists help a participant hone in on her personal style by following a […]


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