Post workout repose.
{You may have read or heard me call myself a “Grateful Geek.” I believe having a daily practice of gratitude keeps you sane, motivated and positive-minded. That’s why I’ve been publishing weekly “Grateful Geek” posts on my personal blog. Starting this week, I’ll be sharing those posts here as well. They share […]

Grateful Geek: New Habit aka My Workout Survival Guide

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I tell clients that they should be sharing a blend of original and curated content. It’s time-consuming and relatively easy to curate really great content to share with your audience. It’s time-consuming and relatively difficult to create original content on a regular basis. But the latter is important. And it’s important enough to […]

20 Ideas to Kickstart Your Original Content

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A peculiar thing happened to me this weekend: in under 36 hours, I lost 12 followers on Twitter. That’s approximately 2% of my “Tweeps.” Now, God knows I’ve lost followers before. It doesn’t bother me much – at least, not like it used to. If I’m not your cup of tea, […]

Polarization is Good for Business

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Yesterday afternoon, when I should have been writing this blog post, I was having a long heart-to-heart chat with my brother. The theme of our chat was self-acceptance and awareness: accept who you are, what you stand for and how you want to live your life, with no apologies. That level […]

Creating a Self-Possessed Brand

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One of my pet peeves is jargon. When I stumble across a beautifully, forward-thinking website and read impersonal, robotic language, I’m put off. When I see posts and tweets that lack personality or feel templated, I ignore them because, subconsciously, I believe that I’m not that person’s target audience. When […]

The Jargon Juggernaut

Question: What does shopping for pastries or lingerie have to do with how I serve my customers? Better yet, what does shopping for either have to do with serving your customers? Let’s find out… Pastry Experience #1: You’re walking home and spot a new French patisserie. You stop at the window and are in awe […]

A Curated Experience